Magix Software
I started my video editing probably the same way most people have. I found windows movie maker on my computer and played around with it until I had created my first movie.

I soon realized that windows movie maker was not going to satisfy my needs to make movies with great effects and transitions so off to the local electronics store I went. I found Magix Movie Edit Pro version 11 on the shelf, read the box and decided to buy it. Since then, I can say that it was an excellent choice as I quickly stepped into the Movie Edit Pro program easily.

Years later, I still use and highly recommend the Magix software to everyone.

By coming here you must have seen at least one of my tutorial videos or maybe one of my hobby videos. Below are the Magix products that I use myself to create those exceptional videos with.

Eric Jordon
Turn your PC into a complete first-class film studio in a flash: With highly precise editing tools, support for Blu-ray Discs™ and AVCHD camcorders, movie-ready special effects, individual 3D animations for videos, text and photos, crystal-clear Dolby® Digital sound and much more: your videos deserve the best!

Movie Edit Pro Version 15 Plus
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Music Maker Version 15
The perfect solution for stunning songs, experimental beats and exciting soundtracks! High-quality premium sounds, virtual instruments, an integrated mixing console, and exclusive effects are all available to you! Setting everything up is easy, letting you experience what it's like to dive even deeper into the world of music production.

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Sound Pool DVD Collection 14
MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 14 offers high quality audio material of the luxury class for any music production, the perfect remix, convincing DJ sets, websites, video dubbing and more.

Over 6000 sound files directly from the studios of internationally successful star producers stand out thanks to their authentic sound design and top quality.

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Photo & Graphic Designer
Photos & graphics – together at last: Professional image editing and intelligent graphic design for photos, bitmaps, and vector graphics. High-quality templates make sure you always get perfect results! All possibilities of image editing in one program: quick photo optimization at the touch of a mouse button, complex bitmap processing as well as intelligent vector graphic design that meets the highest demands and always caters for the matching templates.

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